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The world's first heat pump/air conditioning unit and electric vehicle charger in one.

We aim to solve the problem of EV charger roll out lagging far behind EV adoption by providing a revolutionary, patent-pending technology, integrating EV chargers with Heat Pumps/Air Conditioners for the first time.

EVHACS is better than a separate Heat Pump & EV Charger.

Save Overload

Dynamic Load Balancing of both car and heating/cooling with the consumption of power in the building.

Save Material

evHACS uses less materials and labour than installing an EV Charger and Heat Pump.

Save Space

By placing a charger into a Heat Pump we remove the need for a second site for EV Chargers.

Save Money

Save up to €840 with domestic evHACS system installation.


Our pioneering technology gives you the ability to charge right now or to schedule charging to avail of cheaper electricity rates.

You can set energy priority to either heat pump or EV charger while never compromising the functionality of either unit.


Our EVSE is a smart 7kW single phase AC electric vehicle charger designed and built by us in the EU.

The fully integrated smart charger offers the ultimate in dynamic load balancing in an energy limited environment.

Any Heat Pump

evHACS integrates fully into the very best heat pump and air conditioning systems, across the full range of sizes and manufacturers.

Ensuring you retain the freedom to choose the heat pump/air conditioner that suits the needs of your home.

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