The World's First Electric Vehicle Charger and Heat Pump In One.

Heat pump with a type 2 electric vehicle charging cable coming out of it.
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Mitsubishi Eco Dan, M Series & Mr Slim Units

Integrated 1 Phase 7.4kW EV Smart Charger

Integrated 3 Phase 11kW & 22kW EV Smart Charger

Tethered Type 2 EV Charging Cable

Dynamic Load Balancing

Demand Side Response

Solar Power Matching

Set Charging Schedule

Set Charging Rate

Set Load Balancing Priority

Charge Now/Stop Now

Live Usage Data

Past Usage Data

SEAI Domestic Heat Pump AND EV Charger Grants Available

Up To €6500 off your Heat Pump and €300 off your Charger

Up to 30% Cheaper Without Grant

Up to 50% Cheaper With Grant

1 Year Warranty as Standard

3 Year Available with Service Pack

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Are you retro-fitting your home?

Effortlessly charge your electric vehicle, power your heat pump, and efficiently manage your home’s energy consumption—all from one smart and eco-friendly system. No complex installations and the hassle of multiple devices cluttering your property. Experience the ease and benefits of integrated smart charging and energy management.

Contractors save money, materials, & labour.

EVHACS offers an advanced and cost-effective solution, streamlining installations by providing a unified system that integrates electric vehicle (EV) charging with heat pumps and air conditioning. Our energy management features, including load balancing, solar power matching, and DSR (Demand Side Response), all come as standard, removing the need for expensive energy management systems.

Save on materials

1 * Isolation Switch

1 * 40Amp Breaker

3 * 10mm2 Cable

1 * Cat 6 Cable

You Don't Need

Energy Management System


Priority Switch

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Savings and grants only available in Republic of Ireland.

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