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Would working on a green project in the Automotive, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump industry excite you? This exciting opportunity brings multiple industries together.

You will join a new and evolving company whose culture empowers and inspires individuals to achieve long term goals by innovating, designing, building, testing and certifying new products while meeting exciting goals and time sensitive project objectives.

You will be working on exciting new projects including R&D on newly patented technology in a brand-new industry combining Electric Vehicle Charging with Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pumps.

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Do you have an Electronic Engineering Degree coupled with 5+ years of experience in hardware test and development?

In this challenging role, you will be liaising with a cross functional team, evaluating new technologies and validating hardware for robust automotive applications.

Your Primary Tasks will include:

  • Validation and Verification of hardware (Analog, digital, power electronics) for the company’s new range of electric vehicle charging stations and the control and dynamic load balancing technology for the integration of the two technologies
  • Ensure compliance with required regulatory standards (IEC 61851 etc.)
  • Verify performance specifications, cost & reliability targets
  • Design and development of production test equipment.
  • Oversee test lab equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Involvement in innovation, product design and advancement.
  • Comfortable working in a multidisciplinary technical team to meet time sensitive project goals
  • Troubleshooting and supporting production, as well as supporting subcontractor.
  • Documentation and logging


Additional tasks and areas for advancement include:

  • Continued innovation, design & development of hardware (Analog, digital, power electronics and PCB design) for the company’s range of electric vehicle charging stations, communications devices and the control and dynamic load balancing technology for the integration of two technologies.
  • Design in compliance with required regulatory standards (IEC 61851 etc.)
  • Embedded programming for microcontrollers.
  • Hardware design (analog, digital, PCB and power electronics)
  • Building protypes for proof the concept.


You will be involved in all aspects of the hardware development life cycle i.e. requirements definition, architectural design, implementation, integration and testing as part of a multi-disciplined development team. You will get to work directly and indirectly with many multinational corporations.

The job creates an excellent opportunity for you grow your knowledge base while working in a highly experienced and technical team, bringing new and innovative products to market, and bringing new EV, Refrigeration and connected vehicle technology to the forefront of the green movement. The project aims to significantly ease the transition to EV vehicles in a domestic and commercial environment.

You will be doing your bit to change the world for the better!

Remote Working: Flexible working environment
Location: Clane, Co. Kildare
Salary:  €50,000 – €80,000
Apply: careers [at]

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