screenshot introduces EVHACS has brought EVHACS to the attention of their readers. Saying that our new system could “help solve some of the charging challenges likely to be experienced by Irish households in the coming years.”

The likelihood of the Irish grid not being able to withstand the drastic increase in power demand once 945,000 electric vehicles need to be charged and 600,000 heat pumps are installed by 2030 is also presented.

The fact that most EV chargers can only ramp down charging during peak demand to “stop the tripping and circuit failure” predicted. This limited control is contrasted with our system being also to control both or either the heat pump and EV charger.

Installation of an EVHACS unit is “streamlined…  meaning that a household isn’t having to pay for and suffer the hassle of two separate installations, reducing the up-front costs of going green.”


EVHACS is the world’s first electric vehicle charger and heat pump/air conditioning unit in one.

EVHACS helps to solve the lack of charging infrastructure globally by simply upgrading outdoor air conditioning units in their current environment or at point of fabrication to contain charging points using patent pending technology. EVHACS dramatically cuts the cost of device installation, takes up less space than having both appliances installed separately, uses fewer materials reducing wastage, and can be installed into almost any heat pump or air conditioner. EVHACS unites the Electric Vehicle Charging (EVSE), the Connected Car and the Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning industries (HVAC). is Ireland’s leading website for new car reviews and news.


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