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EVHACS appears in Irish Tech News

The no. 1 tech news site in Ireland has introduced EVHACS to their 900k monthly unique visitors. They called EVHACS technology “innovative” while concentrating on the need for Electric Vehicle chargers to service the 1 million electric cars needed in Ireland by 2030.

They also drew attention to the fact that we are working with the heat pump and air conditioning (HVAC) industry to prove that outdoor units are “the perfect unit to house an EV charger.” Even if just 5% of the predicted 600 million heat pumps and two billion air conditioning units have EVHACS patent-pending technology installed it “has the capability to significantly ameliorate the supply of EV chargers to satisfy the growing demand globally.”

Our powerful load balancing “uniquely” harmonises electricity consumption of both the EV charger and heat pump during times of peak demand was also highlighted.


EVHACS is the world’s first electric vehicle charger and heat pump/air conditioning unit in one.

EVHACS helps to solve the lack of charging infrastructure globally by simply upgrading outdoor air conditioning units in their current environment or at point of fabrication to contain charging points using patent pending technology. EVHACS dramatically cuts the cost of device installation, takes up less space than having both appliances installed separately, uses fewer materials reducing wastage, and can be installed into almost any heat pump or air conditioner. EVHACS unites the Electric Vehicle Charging (EVSE), the Connected Car and the Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning industries (HVAC).

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