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PRESS RELEASE: Irish company EVHACS gets international certification for world’s first integrated EV Charger, Heat Pump and Air Conditioning unit in one.  

Co Kildare, Ireland        Following a successful 2023, including closing an investment round (€1m) and winning multiple awards, Irish technology company EVHACS announces today (February 6th) the international certification of its innovative new product. EVHACS, the world’s first electric vehicle charger, heat pump or air conditioning unit in one, has moved through a rigorous certification process in preparation for its entry into the Irish, and international, market this year.

Globally there are circa 35 million electric vehicles on the road. * It is expected that 16 million  will be added in 2024 and this is expected to rise significantly by the middle of this decade to  fleet of over 70 million electric vehicles.  There will be close to 150 million air conditioning units and heat pumps installed on an annual basis in the next decade as we move to replace oil and gas in transport and heating. With just over 4 million public charge points globally in operation, it is generally accepted that there is not enough of them to satisfy demand. The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry (HVAC) has the capacity to solve the Electric Vehicle Charger shortage.

EVHACS combines these two pillars of electrification (heating and transport) into one, providing a creative solution to increase our over-stretched fledgling charging infrastructure. EVHACS system ingeniously utilizes an underused technology that is already, and ever-increasingly, a staple in our modern urban environment.

EVHACS installs, at their Kildare facilities, a purpose designed and built, ultra-compact AC smart charger into the outdoor unit of heat pumps or air conditioners. EVHACS’ software transforms the appliance into the hub for managing how electricity flows in homes and businesses in Ireland. Their software delivers power management functionality previously only available through purchasing expensive stand-alone hardware and software. This includes dynamic load balancing of heating and EV charging, solar power matching (ensuring that the power you generate is not exported to the grid, and is used efficiently by, your building), IoT connectivity, a smart charger app, and even grid protection with Demand Side Response protocols all coming as standard.

But what does technology like this cost? EVHACS are already in discussions with the SEAI so that their domestic customers can avail of SEAI’s Heat Pump and EV Charger grant schemes, which makes the cost even cheaper than purchasing a stand-alone charger. Add on cost savings from not needing an energy management system and tech like a diverter, a device that reroutes solar generated power to heat water rather than selling it back to the grid, the savings to a homeowner are significant.

Savings to housing developers, engineers, installers and other industry players, come in the form of economies of scale, bulk purchasing discounts, fewer materials and less labour needed than installing separate EV Chargers and heat pumps. These savings are repeated throughout the site and once multiplied are very attractive.

CEO of EVHACS Jeff Aherne says: “The EVHACS system is an electric vehicle charger and heat pump/air conditioning unit in one. We’re delighted to report to market this development as we present a world-first solution which is a game-changer for those looking to provide their household with a heating and energy distribution system between their home and car that costs even less than installing a standalone charger and heat pump.  EVHACS, as a proud Irish company, is delighted to offer our product exclusively to Irish homes and is ready to take orders now. We’re also excited to launch our commercial and fleet charging offerings to Irish businesses soon!”

If you, your company or organisation would like to learn more about EVHACS technology please fill out the form on our website or email us at info[@]

*Includes Battery Electric and Plug in Hybrid Electric



EVHACS is a wholly owned Irish company brought to market by Puma Social Limited which specialises in future-innovative technology and automotive solutions. The company is backed by Enterprise Ireland and brings together a skilled team of advanced-thinking engineers at our premises in Clane, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

EVHACS is the world’s first electric vehicle charger and heat pump/air conditioning unit in one.

EVHACS helps to solve the lack of charging infrastructure globally by upgrading outdoor air conditioning units in their current environment or at point of fabrication to contain charging points using patent pending technology. EVHACS dramatically cuts the cost of device installation, takes up less space than having both appliances installed separately, uses fewer materials reducing wastage, and can be installed into almost any heat pump or air conditioner.


For further information about this Press Release please don’t hesitate to contact John Byrne on john [@] and +353 (0)87 9502177


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