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Create your EVHACS Home user account.

The EVHACS Home app is downloadable from the Apple Store or Android Play store.

The EVHACS app is used to control your EVHACS charger and heating/cooling system. The first step is to set up your EVHACS account. At first log in, you will be asked to register your EVHACS device. First create your user account.


To create an account, open the EVHACS app or using a web browser go to https://app.evhacs.com


  • Select Register underneath the Login button
  • Enter your details:

                             First name

                             Last name

                             Email address.

                             Set your password.

  • Select Register
  • Check your email to find the Verification email.
  • If the email is not in your Inbox, please check your Junk folder.
  • Click the link in the email. Your account is now verified.
  • The email will come from support@evhacs.com

Once your account is verified successfully, log in on the EVHACS app or return to https://app.evhacs.com

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